Metal Bevel Gear

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Metal Bevel Gear

A metal bevel gear is a bevel gear made of a metal such as steel, brass, or aluminum. These gears are used in various applications, from automotive and industrial machinery to robotics and aerospace.

Metal Bevel Gear Parameter:

Metal Bevel Gear
Dimension Φ8mm
Module M0.15-M2.0
Material Type Metal, Bronze, Steel, Alloy, POM, Zinc, Aluminum, Iron, Stainless, Brass, Copper
Meshing Grade JGMA 1, JIS 6, AGMA 13, DIN 6,Din5,AGMA12
Application Automotive, Military, Aircraft, Mechanical, industrial, Medical
Customized ODM/OEM
Sample Sample available
Modes of Packing Vacuum-packed with Plastic Tray
Modes of Delivery DHL& UPS
Certificate ISO 9001: 2008/TS16949

Metal Bevel Gear Feature:

High strength: Metal bevel gears are known for their high strength and durability, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications requiring high torque and load capacity.

Accuracy: Metal bevel gears are manufactured to very high accuracy standards, with strict tolerances and accurate tooth profiles. This ensures the smooth and reliable operation of the equipment they use.

Wear resistance: Metal bevel gears are designed to wear well with a hardened tooth surface that can withstand repeated use and exposure to harsh operating conditions.

Customizable: Metal bevel gears can be designed to meet specific application requirements such as transmission ratio, load capacity, and noise level. They can also be designed to fit tight Spaces or unusual shapes to meet the unique needs of the device.

Corrosion resistance: Many metal bevel gears are made of corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum. This makes them suitable for use in environments where they are exposed to moisture or chemicals.


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Bevel Gear Uses:

Automotive applications: Bevel gears are commonly used in automotive differentials to transfer power from the drive shaft to the wheels. They are also used in steering systems and power take-off units.

Industrial machinery: Bevel gears are widely used in industrial machinery, such as machine tools, printing presses, packaging equipment, etc. They can be used to transmit power at right angles between axes, or to change the direction of rotation.

Robotics and automation: Bevel gears are widely used in robotics and automation systems, where they can be used to transmit power, change the direction of motion, and adjust the speed of rotational motion.

Household appliances: Bevel gears are used in many household appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners and power tools. They are used to transfer power between the motor and the drive shaft, or to change the direction of motion.

Marine applications: Bevel gears are used in Marine propulsion systems, where they transfer power from the engine to the drive shaft. They are also used in steering systems and winches.